My gifts for Jesus…..

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I started this year (2011) with a great trip with my lovely Quinley tribe’s. One night we sited on the beach. And we share about our future. We all have a gifts that we want to give to Jesus.
This year I have so many gifts that I want to give to Jesus.
The first gifts is about My joy. The joyful heart that I will give to people around me. Everyday I will smiles to people. Love and care to people with sincere heart.
I give my family to Jesus. I’ll start to minister to them again. And one day they will know that Jesus is our savior.
I will finish well in my college. I’ll study hard and focus.
This is a big gifts that i want to give to Jesus. IS about my future and every plans in my life. I will not walk on my own way. I’ll not walk ahead of His plans anymore. I give my everyday life to Him. I will not worried about the future. But I will enjoy every moment with Him.
I believe this year is gonna be a great year for me. I thanks God for every moment that He had done in me. Everything that happen is always good. Because of His love endure forever. His love never end. I LOVE YOU JESUS

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey Joy! Awesome blog! And those are some big gifts. We’ll be praying for you about them.

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