You are cherish…….

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday VBCI Student and Youth Extreme and the canadian team D2W band. We had and oppatunity to have an outreach at the detention centre. We share the Gospel and show love to these young people. This place had very broke my heart. In that place have young people around 250 people live together in the small area. Who have been drug and criminal but their age can’t go stay in the prison yet. When I look at their face, they’re very young and I see a good things in their life. But the world had change them.
This place reminding me to focus on God plan. As we are a Christian we need to do something for His children. We can’t just let these young people try to do the bad things and get lost.
For me the thing that I see yesterday is very change my perspective. I think before I will wait until I am ready. Then I will share the Gospel and I will evangalism to young people.
I very have a burden for young people in my country. How many young people out there don’t know jesus? How they gonna live their life?
Sometime for me I almost forgot what God had done in my life. I am the girl that the Lord had pick me up from the dirty water and give me a living water so I can live. I know is not to late to share the Gospel in sight of the detention centre. But while we are out here and have so many young people who need love and care. They need to know the truth and love. We should tell them and love and show Jesus way for them. So they will not get lost and they will have the eternal life like us. I want to tell them that God love them so much. And they not alone. Even thought we walk through the valley of darkness but The LORD waiting for them. He is true love and care for His children… I want to show the world that they are love by God. And I believe that one day they will know that the LORD love them so much. And they dream is will come through by God.


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