Engage Camp Completed

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last week, our team completed our first photography camp—Engage—in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Eighteen students attended, with ages ranging from high school to middle-aged adults. Most of them, 13 to be exact, were not believers in Jesus Christ. Although this excited our team, truthfully, it also made us nervous. The first time we prayed together for this camp, we asked for God’s grace to help us not offend the unbelievers when we sang worship songs, prayed, or openly shared Jesus at the end of the week.

Praise God! The Thai unbelievers in attendance had hearts open wide. Even though they did not know how to sing in worship, they still followed along. At the end of the camp, a few students approached us, asking for a Bible to read. Wow, God’s grace was certainly sufficient for us!

Following the Engage graduation and photo exhibition, many students still wanted to remain in contact with our team. I know God opened this specific door for me—a Thai Christian—to reach out to them. My vision is to connect with high school and college students, and this camp provided an amazing opportunity for me to walk into my calling in an even greater measure. My heart rejoices when I look to the future and imagine what God can do next! ~JOY RADOMTHONG~


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