Life at VBCI……

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Hello everyone… thank you for your pray that you pray for me.
I had came back to the Bible school to finish my diploma. This time for me is not just finish in bible school. But is a time for me to minister to people around me. And help in this community. I don’t know how much that I can help people. But one thing that know is I will not just study and have a good credit but don’t have any good relationship with people. I learn a lot from this place . I met new friends from different country, They all so kind and love to help people. We all have a good heart to reach out Lost people.

Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring.
— Psalm 27:14


My gifts for Jesus…..

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I started this year (2011) with a great trip with my lovely Quinley tribe’s. One night we sited on the beach. And we share about our future. We all have a gifts that we want to give to Jesus.
This year I have so many gifts that I want to give to Jesus.
The first gifts is about My joy. The joyful heart that I will give to people around me. Everyday I will smiles to people. Love and care to people with sincere heart.
I give my family to Jesus. I’ll start to minister to them again. And one day they will know that Jesus is our savior.
I will finish well in my college. I’ll study hard and focus.
This is a big gifts that i want to give to Jesus. IS about my future and every plans in my life. I will not walk on my own way. I’ll not walk ahead of His plans anymore. I give my everyday life to Him. I will not worried about the future. But I will enjoy every moment with Him.
I believe this year is gonna be a great year for me. I thanks God for every moment that He had done in me. Everything that happen is always good. Because of His love endure forever. His love never end. I LOVE YOU JESUS

My beautiful Thailand^_^

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Thank God for His creation>>>>>>>>

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Wishing you have a great holiday!!!!!!!!!


GOD is Amazing……

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Yesterday I had an opportunity to films the victory x-treme staff. They talked about how they can develop young people through music, media and all the activities that they have. And share the Gospel to them.
I can see their heart for lost people in the areas of Chonburi Thailand. Reaching youth for Christ.Building intimate relationship with friend,To help reached the calling and purpose that been given by God.

This is such a good testimonies for me. I can see how God change and use my friends.
Sometime we might think we don’t have anything. Not ready to reach people. Not ready to step out from the comfort zone.
But Lost people they need someone to be with them. To tell them the way the truth and the life.
Please pray for the this team that God will use them to work for His kingdom

The Joyful journey

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WOW!!!!!This 2010 almost finish. But I thanks God for His faithfulness in my life . Some of you know what happen with me in the begining of the year. That time I felt very bad and hopelss. And I always blem myself. think that I am not good enugh for God. That time made me have to quit to go to church and do the ministry at church.
God Calling me back.
One day I met my sweet family (Media Light family) came to me and said God want to use person like me. And He trust in me. I am deserved in every things. My day was bloom again when I got invited to help in the ministry. I learned how to communicate with Lost people through Media. I love and miss all of you my friends.

My dream for the future!!!!!
I want to train and disciple young people to stand and shine the Light in Asia. I learned how to speak the world language… is a Media language. So I want to tell people through media.

Praise Gos for His calling in my life. many people saw me as a little girl. Can’t do anythings. But God see me in diffrent way. And I know I am his servant. Everywhere that He command me to go I will go.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,Matt28:19

My Heartbeat as a Media Mission

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I have been praying to God to guide me in His way. What can I do for lost people? This question always in my heart.
How can I help my people and Asian nations? I had a chance to be a part of Media Light Chingrai Thailand.
We training media for young generation to share the Gospel through media. Myself not really know about media skill and don’t know how to use media to reach people.

Last week our team we went up to the mountain call Doi Maesalong. We do the documentary for Akha People.
My friend and I we came from different language different nations. Akah people speak different language as well.
At first I don’t know how to started to talked and explain to people in the village. But by the grace of God I can do every things.
I pray to God to show me His way to use me in Media to show His character. Because I don’t want just finish the project and nothing change. I want to encourage people and be a friend with them.

God very faithful to me. He answer my pray.
That day is a first day to me that I can feel being a Media Mission.
Our team very impact people in the village and the kids at school. I have a chance to encourage the girl in the village and pray for her.
This time i know how powerful Media is and how I can use the media to reach lost people. I am very excited for my next journey that God will show me.

Very good weekend for me.

Thank you Pastor Chuck and Momma Sherry for you support and always pray for me. I love your encouragement.
I love your Quinley Bear!!!!!!!!^_^
Thank you fro Media Light staff and friends. You are the Light of the world
God bless you